Sunday, November 13, 2005

People, performance, feedback, structure.

When do people perform at thier peak? This thought came into my mind when I noticed a 6-1 winning track record of the Indian cricket team against srilanka. The most striking feature was that a Cricketer does not have an option to play for OTHER COUNTRY, where as an employee has the option of joining a diffrent organization.

Does this freedom of employies to jump firms have a reduction in performance at work? or the lack of freedom of players to join other teams help them in performing better.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Technology Solution to improve customer experiences in Restaurant Business.

How can restaurants improve cutomer experience and get loyal customers through technology??

Me and a bunch of my friends visit various restaurants every week. One of the biggest problems we face is to select the menu ( ok we might not be so well heeled to know which dish to order ) This is the case in most of Bangalore hotels.

People here spend most of their time in Sofware firms writing code and executing projects for American clients. Most of us have not travelled extensively to know which dish to order. Technology can assit people to reffer , mark and share the best dishes in each restaurant , to people who share the same tasts. In the words of Thomas friedman - to collaborate, to gain productive gains, In our case to gain better customer experience through collaboration refferal.

Now to the technical side:

A web based template. Should it use the free sites like or to store costomer experiences and choices.

1. Basically It should be web based, so that I will be able to decide and place an order when I get to restaurant.

2.To mark your experience on the food you just had , a palm top should be given to the customer to enter his rating for the particular dish at that particular hotel.

3. The customer might not remember which was his favorite dish was , he can reffer back to his own comments on the restaurants menu or can try a dish which most of his friends or demographic crowd have reffered (on weekends or weekdays)

Have a simple 2-4 page UI of the Restaurants menu, with a calender tool , a "My Favorite" page , "My Group Favroites" Page.

All U Need: A web server, A DB, A good collaborative Website, wireless Internet access, Palmtops or PDA's to each coustomer.

- Praveen.

Monday, June 13, 2005

How do you predict or Create new Technology.

In high-tech, we like to look back at the days of Xerox PARC in the early 1970s as an idyllic period of future creation. Within three years, fewer than 100 people invented computer networking, client-server computing, graphical user interfaces, and laser printing. They did so by literally living in the future -- using Moore's Law to anticipate the probable performance of hardware 10 years in the future, then building that hardware, no matter how high the cost, and creating for it applications that represented the best way to get work done.

Full article at PBS, Cringly

Thursday, February 03, 2005

World Trade - Currencies/Goods & Services

Trade in goods and services: $8 trillion
Trade in currencies: $288 trillion

We tend to think of trade as products and goods moving across borders. In fact, the biggest trade of all can't be seen!!!

It is money!! , the continuous, 24-hour worldwide flows of stocks, bonds, and currencies.
In the 1990s, practically anyone with savings in a pension or mutual fund became an investor in the global market.

- DANIEL YERGIN, Author, Commanding Heights"

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

China in the modern economy by Lesther Therow.

Globalization and the role of china in the world economy.

China in the modern economy.

In terms of currency china 's contribution to world GDP is 4% . Japan about 11% (and US 15???).
In terms of PPP China is twice the size of Japan.
China's percapita Income = $870. US percapita Income = $40,000 in 2004.

So China has to grow trumedously for the next 100 years to even catch up with US..

"People become silly , when they start taking in to account the number of people in china" - Lesther.

There are three things that you can do .
1) Manufacture in china and sell to the US.
2) Manufacture in China and sell to chines.
3) Manufacture in US and sell to Chines. -- What can you sell to people with a percapita income of $870?? - Not many have figured this out yet.

No Universal Intellectual rights laws. They are pesent only in the Developed world. (TRIPS is underway)
So a Chines man breaks no law in china if he uses any software that has been developed in US.

A fallacy of China pirating $10 billion worth of software.
Bill Gates "If you want to steal software steel my software"!!!

Cacun Failure of the Developed world to cut subsidies of agriculture resulted in the failure of the Confrence.
Fact: Agricutlure contributes less than 3% to american GDP and less than 1% are employed in agriculture.
US provides subsidies of billions dollars to its farmers.

America's contribution to worl GDP is one third of the World GDP $11,000 Billion.

Just imagine the leverage that US would have got , if Intellectuall rights issue was resolve with the Developing world.

Lester Therow.
You have a right time to
1) BUY
3) SELL.

Steave jobs - the worst business descision that he made was not to sell MaC OS.The Result is net worth of $ 2 billion, where as bill gates is valued at $50 billion in 2004.

Friday, July 09, 2004

My Interests.


I have a P2 speech on 15th July at ToastMasters.Still not sure of the topic.
Just have the following Ideas.

A talk on financial Literacy, negotiation Skills, Working of the Human Brain, Of IQ - EQ, success,
The ability to take risks Vs Security seekers.

Inovation - Needs to go againts the established norms.

A brief review of Future Shock , power shift.

Members of Mensa.
Cricket, An analysis of issues holding India back - bureaucracy.

They rule - men who hold the power.

Genes Vs Env.

Learning Style.

The future of Technology.

The importance of Goals in our life.

Everday is a miracle.

Life Skills - what are life skills ?

Its not what you get as a result of a job, but the job itself should drive you.

What do you need --> Imagination, Information , concepts, attitude, ---- and ------.

Indians - Individuals are spectacular successes!!.

Friday, June 18, 2004

A whole new world.

Blogging is an amazing tool that allows you to share your concepts, ideas, information and all of us by now know that Information is Power.This is an awesome quality that attracted me to blogging. I had never even imagined ( you know that it can get really wild )that one day,I will share my views with the rest of the world. Each one of us has a unique and wonderful way we look at things and make sense out of it. So If I can help you save even one minute to get what you are looking for , this blog would have served its purpose.