Friday, July 09, 2004

My Interests.


I have a P2 speech on 15th July at ToastMasters.Still not sure of the topic.
Just have the following Ideas.

A talk on financial Literacy, negotiation Skills, Working of the Human Brain, Of IQ - EQ, success,
The ability to take risks Vs Security seekers.

Inovation - Needs to go againts the established norms.

A brief review of Future Shock , power shift.

Members of Mensa.
Cricket, An analysis of issues holding India back - bureaucracy.

They rule - men who hold the power.

Genes Vs Env.

Learning Style.

The future of Technology.

The importance of Goals in our life.

Everday is a miracle.

Life Skills - what are life skills ?

Its not what you get as a result of a job, but the job itself should drive you.

What do you need --> Imagination, Information , concepts, attitude, ---- and ------.

Indians - Individuals are spectacular successes!!.


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