Friday, August 19, 2005

Technology Solution to improve customer experiences in Restaurant Business.

How can restaurants improve cutomer experience and get loyal customers through technology??

Me and a bunch of my friends visit various restaurants every week. One of the biggest problems we face is to select the menu ( ok we might not be so well heeled to know which dish to order ) This is the case in most of Bangalore hotels.

People here spend most of their time in Sofware firms writing code and executing projects for American clients. Most of us have not travelled extensively to know which dish to order. Technology can assit people to reffer , mark and share the best dishes in each restaurant , to people who share the same tasts. In the words of Thomas friedman - to collaborate, to gain productive gains, In our case to gain better customer experience through collaboration refferal.

Now to the technical side:

A web based template. Should it use the free sites like or to store costomer experiences and choices.

1. Basically It should be web based, so that I will be able to decide and place an order when I get to restaurant.

2.To mark your experience on the food you just had , a palm top should be given to the customer to enter his rating for the particular dish at that particular hotel.

3. The customer might not remember which was his favorite dish was , he can reffer back to his own comments on the restaurants menu or can try a dish which most of his friends or demographic crowd have reffered (on weekends or weekdays)

Have a simple 2-4 page UI of the Restaurants menu, with a calender tool , a "My Favorite" page , "My Group Favroites" Page.

All U Need: A web server, A DB, A good collaborative Website, wireless Internet access, Palmtops or PDA's to each coustomer.

- Praveen.